Dusan Duffek, Campus Cowork (Bratislava)

Dusan is Partner and Co-founder of 0100 Ventures, a company builder based in Bratislava, with mission to help create and support high potential companies, foster local talent and contribute to development of European startup ecosystem. Dusan has been responsible for starting and scaling Campus Cowork, the portfolio company of 0100 Ventures and one of the biggest coworking brands in Slovakia.

Besides being busy with 0100 Ventures, he is also involved in other companies he cofounded, having either active role or the role of advisor. These companies include Jarvify, technology company building fintech solutions; Reflect Festival, future casting conference; Zero Gravity Capital, VC fund investing in CEE region; Slovak STARTUP, startup medium.

Dusan is graduate of the University of Cambridge and University of Essex, where he majored in entrepreneurship and international business.