Fredrik Sköld, Founder and CEO at Genetor (SE)

Fredrik Sköld is the founder and CEO of Genetor Coworking, a premium coworking actor in Sweden. Genetor was started in late 2019 when Fredrik sold his IT company, which had its office in an old powerhouse, this instead became Genetor’s first coworking space. Since then, he has built five coworking facilities of roughly 8,000 square meters in the largest cities in southern Sweden. Genetor serves over 400 companies.

Before Genetor, Fredrik has been in the IT sector where he has been active with his companies since the end of the 90s. It was a company in hosting, web production, and domain names, and Fredrik is educated as a programmer. As a spinoff at Genetor, he has been involved in developing a comprehensive app for Genetor that handles invoicing, bookings, passage, etc and his vision is to offer this app to other coworking actors.