Gitte Andersen, Group Workspace Adviser at ISS Group (Copenhagen)

As previous founder and CEO of SIGNAL (the workplace management consultancy inside ISS Group, one of the biggest facility management services company in the world), now ‘Group Workplace Industry Advisor & Thought Leader’, Gitte Andersen is the creator of the mindset that SIGNAL’s advisory is founded on: To create PLACES that GIVE -with great curated experiences for PEOPLE –to make the world work better. To work with space as a strategic tool for better performance in organisations.

Gitte has key competencies within strategy and innovation –making a huge different in the way people collaborate, communicate and innovate –linking people & places to make the world work better.  Gitte has received several honorable acknowledgements and awards for her innovative approach to space and behavior, such as ‘Role Model of the Year in the building and property industry’ and ‘Knowledge Innovation Champion’. She has authored several articles and books, such as ‘Organisationsin times of transition (2021), ‘Facility Management as a Digital Change Agent’ (2019), ‘Space at Work (2015)’ and ‘Smart M2’ (2018), and she is acting board member in several external organisations. She is often used as a workplace expert in several Danish medias and news papers.