Gitte Andersen, Founder and Global Head of Signal (Copenhagen)

As the founder and Global Head of Workspace Management & Design of SIGNAL, Gitte Andersen is the creator of the mindset that SIGNAL’s work is founded on – to work with space as a strategic tool for reaching new goals in corporations and organizations.

SIGNAL is a part of the ISS family and links people and culture with an organisation’s strategy for the future, focusing on how the physical design of space most efficiently can be conducive to relations among people and add value to the organisation.

Gitte has strong skills in the fields of strategy and innovation, change management and strategic process-management, in relation to space as a strategic tool in transformation processes. Due to Gitte’s architectural background, these skills are also expressed in relation to implementation and design of a number of spaces for working and learning, in both existing and new facilities.

Combined with Gitte’s background as a construction economist, where she has worked with total economies, resource management and supervision of complex projects, Gitte often advise in the preliminary face, with a number of feasibility studies and establishing the business case, for an actual project.