Hannah Dahl, Managing Director at CoWomen (Berlin)

Having lived in Berlin for more than nine years, Hannah found family, home and the perfect profession in this vibrant city. She is a software consultant, process manager and co-founded CoWomen where she takes on the role of managing director or as she calls it “Head of getting things done.” Driven by personal challenges, Hannah Dahl has already initiated and sponsored several award-winning projects with high public impact and her personal commitment has also been publicly honored.

CoWomen is the first Community club & coworking space for women only in Germany and one of the first in Europe.In the heart of Berlin (and expanding to more cities), driven women cowork together to build the careers and lives they love. CoWomen offers everything to help rising women achieve their goals: a workspace with a beautiful atmosphere, experts and masterclasses to develop professional and personal skills and community events to find inspiration for bigger goals. CoWomen’s vision is to create an inspiring place where women can come together to change the world of work, even the world. Hannah is the head and the soul of CoWomen, never tiring of pushing the idea forward.