Hans-Peter Sander, Head of the Bavarian office CoWorkLand (DE)

Hans-Peter Sander: studied journalism; has been a freelance PR consultant since the 1990s (main client: International Association of Controllers ICV); has worked in the management of the local action group LAG Ammersee in the EU support program LEADER since 2014; married, 3 adult children;

2012: Co-founder of the Ammersee Denkerhaus, one of the first rural coworking spaces in Germany

2013: Founding member of the GCF

2019: Board of the Ammersee Denkerhaus Cooperative

since April 2021: Employee of the CoWorkLand cooperative, head of the Bavarian office of CoWorkLand; for CoWorkLand he manages the projects „Kleinstadtakademie“ and „COWORCare“