Helga Moreno, Content Strategist Andcards (UA)

Helga is a Ukrainian content strategist, writer, blogger, and tutor with 20 years of experience. Before joining andcards, Helga was with TemplateMonster and Ahrefs for over ten years. With andcards, Helga built an influential coworking blog that covers industry tips, influencers, insights, and news. Her inspiring stories are published on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books. 

Originally from Mykolaiv, Helga is a war refugee. Helga fled from the front lines and survived countless air raid sirens and explosions. At Coworking Europe, Helga will reflect on the entire spectrum of her experiences. Working as a coworking refugee, helping Ukrainian Coworking Association gather support for the local coworking communities, projecting andcards’ response to the Russian invasion, and telling stories of Ukrainian “coworking spaces on the firing line,” — don’t miss Helga’s raw and unimaginable keynote.