Ilia Kenigshtein,Founder & CEO of the Creative States, Ukraine.

  • Mountain climber. Made 3G & PayPal happen in Ukraine.
  • Public figure, mentor, and evangelist of innovations that disrupt modern lives. 

Ilia builds the Creative States as a modern Ukrainian service company that creates an ecosystem of products for a full-cycle lifestyle: from office solutions for work to leisure support of the chain residents. Thus, today Creative States remains to be a flexible teal company with a global state of mind and mission to create all the must-have conditions for normality — both for Ukrainian locals and foreign expats, who choose to spend these days in Ukraine. 

Creative States is the largest fast-growing chain in Ukraine. During the full-scale war, the company saved all the locations, and continues to expand and launch new projects in Ukraine, and in Europe as well. 

In 2022, the Creative States was included in the list “Around the World in 250 Coworking Spaces”, where they were the only representative of Ukraine. Earlier, in 2019, Creative States was recognized as the market leader. The company won the “Opening of the Year” award at the annual Eastern European Real Estate Project Awards, and Ilia Kenigshtein was named Person of the Year in the office real estate niche.

As of today, Creative States is a reliable partner of such international companies as Fiverr, Lyft, and many others of various scales and industries,  from transnational IT corporations to freelancers and SMEs at various stages of their growth.