Ivone Cruz, Founder of LINK Cowork (PT)

Ivone Cruz is the founder of LINK Cowork.

As a project promoter and manager, she supports the design and submission of applications for EU funds from different sectors. She is also
the consultant for IPDJ’s entrepreneurial space, providing support for business ideas to young people in the North region.
With a great passion for the dynamics of organizing cultural, musical, sporting or professional events, she has, throughout her career, been an
active part in forums of various dimensions, whether as an organizer, moderator or speaker. In this way, she awakened to the need to deepen
knowledge on different subjects, with a greater focus on technology, education, entrepreneurship, future of work, innovation and environment.

In 2022, she was selected by the American embassy in Portugal to join a group of 10 young leaders from the north of Portugal, thus participating in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) Young Leaders, having visited several public and private organizations in three US states
(Washington D.C., St Louis and Seattle).

Academically trained in Educational Sciences and specialized in human resources and training management, with technical training in business
plans, entrepreneurship and recently in project management. In June this year, she created her podcast – MinhoPod – where she
welcomes renowned people in the Alto Minho region, for relaxed sharing on a variety of topics. Purpose: to inspire.