Jasper Bekkering, co-founder Tribes (Amsterdam)

Jasper Bekkering is a successful real estate entrepreneur and Co-Founder/Owner of Tribes Inspiring Workplaces since January 2015. Bekkering started his career as accountant, with focus on the real estate market. 

From 1998 until 2013, Bekkering held several management positions, being responsible for all departments: financial management, new business development, partnerships, property, HR, ICT, legal and operations. He operated on strategic and management level with large multinationals such as Regus and Chalet Group until 2015. 

His excellent knowledge of the international real estate market has been vital for Tribes to go abroad. The modern co-working concept has now 23 locations, spread over the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Within a short period of time he will be launching his concept worldwide, offering a large network of inspiring meeting places.