Jiyaad Abdula, Managing Director – VentureX Portugal,

Jiyaad holds the esteemed position of Managing Director at Venture X Portugal, leveraging his academic background as a Bachelor of Business Administration graduate from the European University in Lisbon. His professional trajectory also extends into the realm of real estate, where he actively cultivates his expertise through his role as Administrator and Board Member at Intelec Holdings.

Intelec Holdings is a multifaceted organization specializing in a wide array of sectors, including Energy, Finance, Real Estate, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Tourism, and Oil and Gas. The company operates across international borders, with a prominent presence in both Mozambique and Portugal.

Given Jiyaad’s substantial experience and profound insights within the real estate industry, coupled with Venture X’s formidable standing in the global market, the decision to embark on a new venture into Portugal was a strategic one. The collective vision is to establish Venture X as a dominant force in the local business center and co-working sector, driven by the firm belief that the expected performance will yieldsubstantial positive outcome