Joachim Azria, CEO InstaCare (FR)

Joachim Azria is a French entrepreneur, CEO, and Co-founder, along with his brother Dr. Alexandre Azria, of Instacare, an innovative company that provides specialized dental and medical co-working spaces for independent doctors. Prior to founding Instacare, Joachim worked in finance for nearly 15 years as a commodity trader in New York, London, and Paris.

His extensive experience in corporate finance and trading has equipped him with a keen sense of entrepreneurship and innovation, which he now applies to lead Instacare’s success, making it a major player in the transformation of the healthcare sector.

Instacare is a pioneer in adapting the co-working model to meet the specific needs of the healthcare sector, offering modern, flexible, and tailored infrastructure to healthcare professionals so they can practice their profession under the best conditions. Under Joachim’s leadership and with a strong team supporting him, Instacare has become a leading provider of co-working spaces for independent doctors.

Joachim holds a degree in statistical economics and engineering from ENSAE (Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’administration Economique) and a Master of Sciences in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.