Johanna Voll, Researcher and Co-Founder Coworking Library (Berlin)

Johanna has been researching coworking and its spaces from a sociological point of view for the past 9 years at the European University Viadrina. She is an active member of the German Coworking Federation e.V. as well as the European Coworking Assembly and co-founder of the Coworking Library, an interdisciplinary open online database of all the current and previous research about coworking. She is part of the international research network “Research group collaborative spaces” (RGCS) and coordinator of their Berlin chapter.

Her current focus is a qualitative study about coworking as a new organizational mode of work and ultimately as a new culture. She looks specifically at operators of independent spaces and their motives for opening and expanding as well as forming alliances beyond their own space on a regional, national and international level.

Next on the list is opening a coworking space in an old heritage-protected brewery in the heart of Halle (Saale), where she lives with her daughter.