Kristelina Staykova, general manager Entract127 (BG)

Kristelina is the general manager of Entract127, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Kristelina is a Sales and Marketing Specialist with many years of experience in hospitality, operations management, and event management.

Kristelina believes that coworking & flex spaces are the real pleasure of work. Being where you feel calm, creative, and part of a community.

Extremely passionate about her work, she has the desire and drive to continue to offer clients premium services in a premium location where people not only feel comfortable at work without missing out on anything, but also feel that they are part of a community. All community events and personal attention to each customer are very important to her.

Entract27 brand is a symbol of quality, style, atmosphere, and personal relation with the client. The company operates on the market for more than 2 years, operating a Business class A building providing C-level cervices.