Liz Elam, Founder of GCUC (US)

A leader of the global coworking movement, Liz Elam blends a spirit of collaboration and innovation with an unwavering commitment to excellence and pushing boundaries.

Founder of the largest coworking conference in the world, Elam has grown the Global Coworking Unconference Community (GCUC) from inception to a cross-cultural go-to for the workspace industry in the U.S., South America, China, Canada, the UK, Australia and beyond.

Elam unapologetically pushes the coworking movement to adopt sound business practices and think bigger about the vision and impact individual operators and workspace brands can make. Her work to dismantle the loneliness epidemic through coworking and community-building resonates with space operators and members, alike.

With a natural entrepreneurial drive, Elam launched Link Coworking in Austin, Texas, in 2010, expanded Link to three locations, and grew it to the fourth largest coworking brand in Austin before selling it in 2019. She is the first woman in the world to successfully exit a coworking brand.

Liz is also founding partner at The Deco Group, a coworking consultancy with over 30 years experience in the industry between the founders. This diverse team can help with your workplace strategy if you’re a corporation or launch a brand from inception to open and beyond.