Magdalena Bytniewska, Principal Project Manager at Kincentric (Warsaw)


Magdalena has been working at Kincentric (formerly Aon) since September 2013 and she is a member of the Engagement Research Team. Between January 2014 and December 2018, she was actively involved in the Best Employers Program project. Magdalena’s experience includes also the implementation of projects related to research and building employee engagement, tailored to the needs of specific Polish and international organizations, including consulting activities, such as workshops for Managers, focus groups delivery Management Board presentations. Magdalena is an experienced project manager. In last years she has worked for big companies, primarily in the pharmaceutical, retail, and manufacturing industries both on the Polish and European market.

In 2018, Magda’s experience was expanded to include studies dedicated to organizations operated by Franchisees. These studies cover the special needs and challenges faced by Polish franchisees in their daily work.

Magdalena was involved in new office selection and relocation, from traditional office to co-working space.


Magdalena specializes in engagement research tailored to the specific needs of companies. Magdalena manages every phase of an engagement research project, eg. supports clients at the stage of research preparation and during its duration, as well as analyzes data, prepares insights and reports and presents the results and conclusions to companies’ HR teams and boards. So far, she has conducted app. 80 engagement studies. Magdalena delivers also consulting activities related to building employee engagement, such as focus groups and workshops.