Manuel Bastos, Co-Founder HEDEN (PT)

Manuel has a background in Economics and Management and has worked in hospitality in Europe, the US, and Japan.
Prior to co-founding Heden, Manuel co-founded an F&B startup in California and worked as a customer relations manager, operations manager, and cultural programmer at The Independente Collective.

Since 2018, along with his friend and business partner László Varga, Manuel has led Heden’s foundation and expansion from one small creative space in Lisbon’s historic Graça neighborhood to 8 spaces and 7.000m2, covering a wide spectrum of flexible workspaces – from coworking and events to bespoke spaces dedicated to a single company.\

In early 2022 Heden became the first B-Corp certified flexible workspace operator in Portugal, sanctioning its purpose of becoming a leading advocate for the sustainable future of the sector.