Maria Svensson Wiklander, Co-Founder Gomorron (SE)

Maria Svensson Wiklander is one of the founders of the coworking space Gomorron Östersund with three locations in the city of Östersund, Sweden. Gomorron was founded in 2017 and has been growing organically ever since. It is focused on building a strong and inclusive community with professional as well as lifestyle activities. Gomorron Östersund also hosts the governmental coworking space Samverket with hubs in Östersund and Stockholm – only focused on building collaboration and community within the public sector.

She is also the founder of The Remote Lab, which is a global knowledge and development node for the future of remote work and coworking. By building knowledge through its own reports as well as academic collaboration and research, The Remote Lab offers inspirational talks, courses, and strategic advisory to organizations all over the world.

Maria is a serial entrepreneur with a number of companies and organizations on her resume. She has a strong drive around developing her surroundings through inclusion and communities to build stronger individuals, organizations, and society.