Miriam Constantin, founder V7 Startup Studio (Bucharest)

Miriam Constantin is the founder of V7 Startup Studio in Bucharest, Romania.

Miriam has been a legal professional for 17+ years, with approx. EUR 1,4 billion worth track record in private & public sector managed deals. 

While turning to entrepreneurship to develop a LegalTech, and after pursuing an EMBA in Paris, she discovered the value that lied beneath a well-organized coworking space, by working from one. With her legal & business acumen, after the coworking space which accommodated her needs, too, closed, she opened a people-centric boutique coworking space in the heart of Bucharest & kept the name of the place which sprung my passion for this emerging industry.

V7 Startup Studio has now grown to be the premium flex option in the capital city, with a 5X surface expansion in less than 2 years, doubled its turnover every year, reached 20% operational profit, and developed a set of strong partnerships nation-wide with a bank, the leading tech fora and the most active and prized NGOs in Romania.