Miroslav Miratov, Smart Office (Belgrade)

Miroslav is the owner and founder of Smart Office, the very first Coworking space in Serbia.

Five years ago, he decided to escape from corporate world and do something that inspires him.

Soon he started drawing sketches on a piece of paper of a space that will bring together people like him, to enable them to work and grow together and help each other develop their ideas that would turn into business from which they can live and which they love. Four mounts after that moment, he opened the first coworking space in Belgrade, a small but cozy Smart Office. He was infected with the coworking virus, and luckily, there is no cure for him. And this virus caught on many of his fellow coworkers, some of whom are growing with him from the first days of Smart Office, others who are returning many times over ad new ones who want to join his Coworking space. Being the pioneer of coworking concept in Serbia makes him feel very proud but also responsible for its continuous growth, locally and worldwide.

He is also a dreamer who doesn’t have much time for sleep, a serial entrepreneur, traveler and gastronomad, a guy who can’t stay still for one minute. Physically or mentally. For him, it’s all about the people. He also wants to write a book and to have his own place where he will cook for his friends.