Nadia Heinio, Brand Manager and Partner at Wonderland Work (FI)

Meet Nadia, the creative force behind Wonderland Work‘s brand identity. With a passion for photography and a keen eye for detail, Nadia is the driving force behind the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that defines our community.

As the Brand Manager, Nadia is responsible for community events, attracting new members, and building collaborations in between current members. With a background in marketing and fashion and a deep understanding of our members’ needs, Nadia ensures that our coworking space meets the expectations of our community. From the logo that represents our identity to the events that bring our diverse community together.

As part of our Event team, Nadia curates a diverse range of gatherings, from networking mixers to inspiring talks like Waffle Wednesday events, designed to connect and empower our members.

Outside of the office, Nadia enjoys exploring the local street art scene, playing padel, and seeking culinary adventures. With a belief in the power of creativity and connection, Nadia is dedicated to helping our members succeed and grow within our vibrant coworking community.