Nuno Trigo, co-Founder & CEO at Vertical Coworking (PT)

Nuno Trigo is Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Vertical Coworking. He has a presence in the Board of the remaining
companies of the Feel Group, as such, he is CEO at Feel Discovery, Founding Board Member at
Feel Venture and in January 2020 he also assumed the role of CEO at ZT Mobility.

Already in 2022, with Vertical Coworking, took on the role of Founding Board Member, regarding to consolidate
the Group model of the Vertical Hospitality, aggregating accommodation, working spaces
services, and experiences in an integrated propose of value for the Customers.

Since 2020 he is also a member of the executive committee of ALEP (Portuguese Short term Rental
Association) and advisor in the Municipal Council of Tourism of Porto.

With a background in Economics and a 20-year career in Banking in the business area, nothing
prevents him from maintaining a unique desire for new challenges, which currently include
tourism, but where tomorrow is already unknown! Entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision allied
to a vast experience are the right combination for success.

Vertical Coworking was co-organizer of the Coworking Europe 2023 conference which took place in Porto.