Rafa de Ramon Burgos, CEO Utopicus (Madrid)

Rafa de Ramon Burgos opened his mind in Sweden, while he was a university student in Art/Culture. He fell in love and moved to Italy to start working in the cultural sector in Milano during more than 8 years, where he managed crazy innovative multinational companies focused on the transformation of regions and cities through culture and art.

In 2010, Rafa de Ramon decided to create his own dreams and opened utopicUS, in Madrid, as a Factory of creative transformation. ”

When we realized that we had made a coworking company was too late.  After 8 years of hard and crazy work one of the biggest real estate companies in Europe bought me the majority of the company. Before the CEO had asked me about my dream and how they can help me to reach out to it…Today, we are creating a european network of coworking focused in spread our utopic values.

Rafa de Ramon still owns a minority share in the company, of which is still is the CEO, along with new partners.