Rosan Gompers, The Community Office (The Hague)

Rosan Gompers is an experienced workconcept innovator, author and blogger.

She’s the director of NewCompany Creations and co-founder and partner of The Community Office, a creative agency that builds coworking communities in all types of organizations.

Her fields of expertise are (social) innovation, culture & mindset, (internal) branding and conceptdevelopment. The Community Office works with a team of designers and organizational developers.

Rosan created new ways of working (and spaces) in many corporate environments and governmental organisations and helps coworking spaces with their strategy, earning models, business- and community management and marketing. She’s inspired by the endless possibilities of design, technology, new economies and new ways of collaborating and strives to create impact with it, e.g. in her hometown The Hague (The Netherlands).