Sabrina Schifrer, CEO at gain&sustain (Klagenfurt)

Sabrina Schifrer is an entrepreneur since 2009. With her company gain&sustain she founds different projects like e.g. Alpe-Adria Coworking. She is passionate about bringing together people from different backgrounds. She is engaged in different projects in the fields of entrepreneurship, culture and education. She is the representative of SENA (Social Entrepreneruship Network Austria) in Carinthia and in the advisory board of Makerspace Carinthia.

Further on she has her own radio shows on Radio Agora, a local radio station. Her radio broadcasts deal with topic like cooperation culture, women and civic society. Her brandnew videoformat shows people in their “World of Wonders”.

She is eager to enable everybody to develop its dreams and create a world full of miracals.