Saurabh Mohal, business analyst Nexudus (London)

Saurabh Mohal is a Business Analyst at Nexudus, a white label tool to manage coworking spaces.
Nexudus was founded in 2012 and made its impact in the coworking community. Since then Nexudus has provided an excellent rock-solid tool to customers for managing their respective spaces. Nexudus is a renowned and highly respected company within the coworking world!
Saurabh Mohal also supervises the support team at Nexudus. With his dedication, he provides specialist customer support along with his team to the spaces across their business journey. This involves their first contact with Nexudus to being live on the platform. Saurabh holds an important place between the technical and support team. Saurabh has the ability to multitask and troubleshoot customer issues with utmost priority.
Saurabh has a background in medicine and a master’s degree from Imperial College, London. With a healthcare experience, sound technical knowledge, Saurabh never stops acquiring new skills and implement them at work. To code is his next goal!
Saurabh is an avid table tennis player competing in Essex and Central London.