Stefan Yazzie Herbert, CEO and Founder at House of Bandits (Vienna)

House of Bandits is a creative collective consisting of 12 creative companies working under one roof to create some kickass projects. Not only a place of work, House of Bandits is also a cultural hub with events ranging from art exhibitions, to album launches and fashion shows. They function as a creative agency and work within three main pillars: moving picture, digital design and physical construction.

Stefan Yazzie Herbert, the CEO, is a creative director, community builder and dynamic speaker. With incredibly diverse influences coming from a variety of industries thoughout his life, Stefan brings insight to a wide range of topics: design, science, culture, leadership and social entrepreneurship. Stefan’s professional work focuses on recombination: bringing communities with incredibly diverse backgrounds together to collaborate and using technology in innovative ways. Over the past years, his work has expanded to include the educational, cultural and social aspects of the creative field.