Thom Wernke, Co-Founder of StartDock (Amsterdam)

Thom started StartDock Coworking in 2016 on his 24th, together with 2 business partners on the royal Herengracht canal in Amsterdam. While growing their previous IT-business, the founders were in need of an office space surrounded by all the possible specialists to kickstart their business.

StartDock therefore is the embodiment of a coworking space wherein competition does not exist, the atmosphere is very “gezellig” and the youngsters hold office in a uniquely beautiful building. By keeping focus on their non-competition policy, milennials as main target group and only buildings of classical-monumental architecture, StartDock will grow it’s coworking concept to two more cities in the Netherlands this year.

Thom also started the Coworking Amsterdam Federation. By bringing together the entire coworking ecosystem in Amsterdam every quarter, Thom supports coworking, beyond the own coworking-borders. The Federation discusses various coworking themes, shares interesting information and gets to know eachother as a close ecosystem, which is of high value for a thriving coworking ecosystem like Amsterdam.