Tom Heckmans, Community Manager The Villy (Hanex Hospitality Group) (NL)

Tom Heckmans is the Community Manager at The Villy (Hanex Hospitality Group) (NL). He is seen as a social butterfly with a strong organizational connection. He has a degree in marketing, business administration, and hotel management. Present and active in The Villy brand from the start. His mission for The Villy is that he wants it to feel and be genuine, familiar, cozy, and most of all, warm and inclusive. Creating a village atmosphere in the heart of the cities that we are located in. He accomplishes this by regularly networking, planning events, using different communication channels, and looking for new opportunities and developments constantly.

The Villy is a makery rather than just a ‘normal’ coworking space (The Villy Works). A location to hang out, talk to friends, network, dine, and/or participate in events, whether or not you are working that day. Meanwhile, he maintains regular contact with the residents of the apartment buildings where The Villy’s are located, visitors to the Villy Makery and Villy Works, and the local community.