Tony Aleksandrov, co-founder and CEO Work Better (Sofia)

Tony Aleksandrov is obsessed with the coworking idea and believes that flex spaces are the future of the new office reality. He was part of the Mindspace Germany team from where he got the best education for the industry. During his time in the company he worked with some of the largest companies in the world: Google, Alibaba, Siemens and CloudFlare.

After spending 8 years in Germany, he rolled up his sleeves and created the first coworking space in Bulgaria targeting mainly SMEs and big corporations. WorkBetter was developed and founded during the COVID-19 pandemic and despite this for less than a 6 months the space got 100% occupied. 

WorkBetter is the first coworking provider in Bulgaria to be situated in an entirely brand new Class-A office building. The company is currently operating 5,200 sqm and accommodates 550 desks. Amongst WorkBetter’s members are: Dell,, Infosys, Liveperson, Aldi Digital, OfficeRnD and others.

Tony and his team are currently working on the opening of a 2nd WorkBetter premium location. When completed WorkBetter will operate 12,000 sqm of flex-office space and more than 1300 working stations.

WorkBetter’s slogan is: Work from home SUCKS!