Uwe Allgäuer, co-founder Coworking Bansko (Bulgaria)

Uwe grew up in the far western part of Austria, a stunning district called Vorarlberg, in the middle of the Rhine River Valley. This part of Austria is an incredibly beautiful place, close to Lake Constance, and surrounded by the Alps.

The main things that make Uwe come alive are coworking, sailing, travelling, people, and outdoor activities. He absolutely loves helping people to achieve their dreams and is working on a book project to share his inspiration and experiences.
When he’s not out exploring, however, Uwe can be found working on his many projects. He cofounded Coworking Bansko, a coworking space in a Bulgarian Mountain Ski Resort.

He also manages real estate, is an entrepreneur, a consultant, a mentor, and even a skipper. His professional career is as colourful as you can get and has included work as a development aid worker in Zimbabwe and global support manager. It’s fairly safe to say this man has quite a contagious enthusiasm for life.

Always up for a challenge, Uwe is at home in both cultural and technical environments all over the globe. Needless to say, travelling and people are strong passions of his which have culminated in the co-creation of his beloved Coworking space in Bansko. This space is a fusion of travel, people, and technology and it is where you will find Uwe in-between his many adventures.