Vandita Purohit, Co-Founder of The Daftar (Pune)

An engineering graduate with an unmatched passion for sales, Vandita Purohit began her entrepreneurial journey with Mint Tree, essentially focussing on lead generation. Few years and many more diverse ventures down the line, she is now a proud co-founder of one of the most sought-after co-working spaces in India – The Daftar.

Other than managing the 600-seater workspace spread across 3 locations in Pune, she also lends her keen expertise in areas such as space design, collaborations and events. The basic objective of The Daftar stands to provide a platform for like-minded professionals and a source for networking, with the design being the core element.

Bitten by the travel bug at the age of 27, Vandita set sail to a shore that held her passion for work and travels strong. With the clock ticking and ideas growing larger than life, it was time TraWork came into being – her brand-new venture. TraWork is curated especially for those working professionals who have a great passion for travel. These are the folks who are looking for opportunities to blend both work and travel without having to hamper their schedule – an idea that typically defines ‘work on the go’.

Breaking stereotypes around working and travelling, TraWork gives its members the unique opportunity to work while witnessing some of the most fascinating locations around the world. Work fills a major part of our lives, let’s make it amazing.