Xabier Martinez de Apellaiz, Coworking Lead at SALTO Systems (Gipuzkoa)

Xabier Martinez de Apellaiz recently joined SALTO Systems as Coworking Lead, supporting SALTO’s 30 subsidiaries worldwide to boost penetration in the thriving shared coworking spaces market.

Xabier’s previous experience includes serving as an associate for the Madrid location of the Boston Consulting Group, a renowned international management consulting firm. He will leverage the analytical and strategic skills acquired at BCG to identify market opportunities and advance SALTO’s value proposition in the coworking market.

Shared coworking spaces present special security challenges to managers needing to deliver a seamless access control experience. A coworking community has a continuously changing membership that comes and goes according to varying schedules. But what would be impossible to manage with mechanical keys is easily managed with smart, secure, wireless, and mobile electronic locking solutions from SALTO. Xabier will share expertise on SALTO’s flexible coworking solutions which require no software installation, nor the cost of a fully-wired electronic product. This helps management streamline operations, offer global scalability, and deliver smarter business access no matter the project size.

Xabier received a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Tecnun University of Navarra.