Yoshio Tsuda, Founder Mori-no Office, PILE(Japan)

Yoshio Tsuda runs a project design firm called Route Design Inc. and is the founder of two coworking spaces in Japan: Mori-no Office in Fujimi Town, Nagano Prefecture, and PILE in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

His skills in service & communication design combine to provide creative solutions to various clients from startup companies in Tokyo to local governments engaging in projects involving social community design in rural areas. 

In addition to his client work, he co-founded the coworking space “Mori-No Office” together with the local government of Fujimi Town, Nagano Prefecture, as part of the town’s strategy to attract the remote-working population from Tokyo and other urban areas. Opening in 2015, Mori-no Office is nationally recognized as the pioneer of innovative work solutions and has attracted a large community comprising both newcomers and locals.

Yoshio’s latest solo project is “PILE”, a Creator/Artist-focused coworking space established in a regional commercial and residential area of Yokohama City in April 2023. From graphic design to paintings and woodwork, the space caters to both digital and analog creators as well as provides the local government and corporations with an easily accessible network of creative minds.