Zsofi Toth, Co-Founder and Navigator, Puzl CowOrKing (Bulgaria)

Zsofi Toth is the Co-Founder and Navigator of the Budapest branch of Puzl CowOrKing –  arguably the best coworking in the CEE region.

Ex-COO and CMO of the Central European Startup Awards, she’s been working with and for startups for over 11 years. Her love for the coworkings concept was cemented back in 2010, when she was running (more like, experimenting with) a small coworking in Budapest.

She is currently supporting the Puzl CowOrKing Sofia in communication and operations and working on the first IT-only coworking hub in Budapest, scheduled to open it’s doors in 2021.

Zsofi is known to be generally enthusiastic about stuff. And people.