Coworking Europe 2011 – Berlin


Coworking Europe Conference 2011

Club Office + BetaHaus

November 3rd 2011

10.00 : Welcome and Registration

10.30 : Introduction – Presentation of the conference and goals
– Conference organisers : Global Enterprise, Club Office, Betahaus (Belgium, Germany)

10.45 : Taking coworking the next level: it’s all about community! – Alex Hillman, IndyHall, Philadelphia (US)

11.05 : Presentation of the Coworking Europe Survey 2011 : Thousands of entrepreneurs and  freelancers – Deskmag (Germany)

11.20 :  The state of the independent worker in Europe, the US and elsewhere – Carolyn Ockels and Steve King, Emergent Research, San Francisco (US)

11.35 : Coffee Break

11.50 : Why cities and governments support coworking
– Tanja Mühlhans, City of Berlin (Senate Department of Economics, Projekt Zukunft – Creative Industries), Dirk Kiefer, Initiative Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes (Federal Ministry of Econonomics & Technology, Germany)

12.10 : How collaborative working is changing the way office spaces are designed – Oliver Marlow and Dermot Egan, Tilt Studio, London (UK)

12.25 : Why universities should partner with coworking spaces? Juho Hyytiäinen, Aalto Venture Garage (Aalto University, Finland)

12.25 : Gen Y, self-achievement, open collaboration, sustainable development… why coworking fits with the rising values of the society

12.40 : Coworking Globalisation: The promisses of coworking for China and coworking as a gateway between Chinese and European entrepreneurs/innovators – Liu Yan, Xindanwei Coworking Space, Shanghai (China)

13.00 : Pause – Lunch

14.15 : Coworking for Creative Industries – Utopic.Us (Madrid) + Manuel Zea, Coworking Spain

14.35 : Coworking, entreprise 2.0 and intrapreneurship: The next Google, Starbucks or Facebook will start out of a coworking space – Adam Neumann, New York (US) (livestreamed)

14.55 : Could coworking become the future of working in corporations? – Eric van Den Broek, Mutinerie, Paris (France)

15.15 : Corporations: why our employees in innovation processes work in a coworking space? – Christoph Giesa, Otto Group, Hamburg

15.35 : From the traditional meeting room renting business towards serendipity : a professionally-run chain that has shifted from the old to the new world – Ronald Van de Hoff, Seats2Meet, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

15.55 : Is there competition between business centers, incubators and coworking spaces ? – Panel

– Sean McSimon, Club Office

–  Rebecca Brian, Next Space Coworking + Innovation, San Francisco (US)

–  Ronald Van den Hoff , Seats2Meet, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

– Tilo Maria Pfefferkorn, Ecos Office Center (Germany)

16.35 : Pause

17.05 : Workshop

Workshop 1 – Coworking and Innovation

– Aalto University Venture Garage (Finland)

– Philippe Verstichel, Entreprise Globale (Belgium)

– Peter Schreck, Idea Republic (Germany)

– Rebecca Brian, Next Space Coworking + Innovation, San Francisco (US)

– Sebastian Olma, the.think.tank, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Workshop 2 – Getting out of the crisis thanks to coworking

– Anna Klementz, Loffice, Budapest (Hungary)

– Alexandre Kahn or Marianne Wehbe, CoCoAthens (Greece)

– Mazen Helmy, The District Egypt project, Cairo (Egypt)

– Liz Elam, Link Coworking, Austin TX (US)

17.55 : Pause

18.00 : Final panel – Business models, community, independence: expected challenges for the coworking movement ?

  • Alex Hillman, Indy Hall, Philadelphia (US)
  • Anni Roolf, organiser of the Internation Jelly Week, Wuppertal (Germany)
  • Liu Yan, Xindanwei Coworking Space, Shanghai (China)
  • Massimo Carraro, Cowo project, Milano (Italy)
  • Mazen Helmy,The District project, Cairo (Egypt)

18.30-18.50 : Q&A

19.00 : Cocktails and dinner

November 4th 2011


10.00 Opening Session

10.15 Panel : Coworking business models: fully self supporting, publicly funded, backed by another business, sponsored?

  • Carsten Foertsch, Deskmag (Germany)
  • Alberto Bassi, Lab121 (Italy)
  • Sean McSimon, ClubOffice, Berlin (Germany)
  • Alex Hillman, IndyHall (US)

11. 05 Last call for propositions for the Coworking Open camp

11.10 Panels

Panel 1. Should you start a coworking space as part of a coworking chain, brand or network ?

  • BetaGroup Coworking (Belgium), Ramon Suarez
  • Betahaus (Germany), Christoph Fahle
  • La Cantine Rennes (France), Karine Sabatier
  • Cowo (Italy), Massimo Carraro
  • The Hub Network (World), Michel Bachmann

Panel 2.  How web services and tools can support the development of your coworking space ?

  • Worksnug, Richard Leyland (UK)
  • Kodesk, Sébastien Arbogast (France/Belgium)
  • Cobot, Alex Lang (Germany)
  • Joel Dullroy, Deskwanted (Australia / Germany)
  • Campbell McKellar, LooseCubes (US)

11. 55 Coworking Open Camp Briefing

12.15 Lunch

14.30 Coworking Open Camp

Open for any topic

Send your suggestions

18.30 End

19.00 Free time or dinner

November 5th 2011 (Draft)


At CLUB OFFICE (Bundesallee 171)

10.00 Open Space

10.30 Coworking Open Camp (2nd part) + Design Clinic

12.30 Wrap up and conclusions – Plenary session

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Berlin Coworking Tour / Free Time

19.00 Vernissage (At Betahaus)

20.00 Coworking Europe Party (At Betahaus)


Alex Hillman, Indy Hall, Philadephia (US)

Alex Hillman is the founder of IndyHall, in Philadephia and one of the main figures of the coworking movement globally. Besides IndyHall, Alex Hillman is involved in various IT project. Alex Hillman preferred to find his “tribe” of linkeminded innovative entrepreneurs in his living city of Philadelphia instead of moving to the Silicon Valley, as so many developpers do. Coworking helped him to achieve that goal and to build communities locally.

Eric Van den Broek, Mutinerie Paris (France)

Eric Van den Broek graduated from ESCP Europe and spent a year in London and a year and a half in Berlin working in the online industry before flying back to France to start a coworking space in Paris: Mutinerie. Mutinerie’s blog has attracted a large audience and focuses on understanding the sociological shifts behind the coworking movement.

Juho Hyytiäinen, Aalto University Venture Garage (Finland)

Juho Hyytiäinen is running the Aalto Venture Garage operations (coworking space and seed accelerator). Between numerous meetings, pitching events and seed accelerator development sessions.

Liu Yan, Xindanwei Coworking Space, Shanghai (China)

Liu Yan is the CEO and event curator of Xindanwei Coworking Space, in Shanghai, one of the first coworking space operating in China. Since 2004, Liu Yan has been advocating cross-culture and inter-disciplinary connection and collaboration between Europe and China through events like PICNIC and Dutch Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF).

Ronald Van den Hoff, Seats2Meet, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Ronald van den Hoff is the co-owner of CDEF Holding BV,  which operates the coworking and meeting centres Seats­2meet­.com as well as the virtual colla­borat­ion eco-system, the internet commu­nicat­ion company Cyberdigma BV and the meeting- and congres centers Meeting Plaza’s. Ronald studied in  The Hague and is an entre­preneur since 1985. Before, he held positions in the inter­natio­nal travel trade- and hospi­tality Industry.

Richard Leyland, Worksnug (UK)

Richard Leyland (@leylandrichard) is the founder of WorkSnug and an expert commentator on workplace technology trends. He has particular expertise in the expectations and technology use of the next generation and how technology, design and architecture can be harnessed to provide workspaces conducive to work in the 21st Century.

Sébastien Arbogast, Kodesk (France, Belgium)

Sébastien Arbogast is graduated from de INSA Rennes with a Computer Science Master. When he went freelance in January 2010, his obsession for decentralization and peer-to-peerization of everything grew stronger. Today, Sébastien is the technical architect and product developer behind Kodesk. As a strong believer in agile methodologies and Lean Startup principles.

Anna Klementz, Loffice, Budapest (Hungary)

Anna Klementz is one of the co-founders of Loffice, in Budapest. Operating in both financial management and art curator for Loffice art and design. Her strong belief is that a sustainable workspace needs to be environmentally friendly, healthy and inspiring. Inspiration comes from art and design which should be part of every workspace. Anna initiated the Bring the Art Home project.

Carolyn Ockels & Steve King, Emergent Research, San Francisco (US)

Carolyn Ockels current research and consulting is focused on economic decentralization, the growth of small business and Gen Y.  Prior to Emergent Research, Carolyn managed Cambridge Energy Research’s (CERA) Asian energy consulting business and led market research in Japan. Steve King current research and consulting is focused on economic decentralization, the growth of small business and the future of work and workplaces. A.o., Steve has served as vice president of Corporate Marketing for Macromedia, vice president. He has been the interim CEO, CMO or head of business development for 6 start-ups.

Alexandre Khan, Marianne Wehbe , CoCoAthens (Greece)

Alexandre Z. Khan and Marianne Wehbe are the coordinator of CocoAthens. CoCoAthens is collaborative work platform and coworking space supporting the development of social, cultural, artistic and environmental projects in Athens.  Alexandre Z. Khan studied statistics and economics in Paris.  Marianne Wehbe studied Psychology in France and Spain.

Anni  Roolf, Coworking Wuppertal (Germany)

Anni Roolf is an MBA / project manager, innovation consultant, designer. Anni organised the first european Jelly Week and the first Coworking Germany Barcamp. In 2005, Anni wrote the coLabor-Manifesto. Besides, Anni is the co-founder of the Forum for Business Design and Creative Leadership. Anni is convinced, that the coworking movement is still in it’s primary stage.

Michel Bachmann, The Hub Zurich (Switzerland)

Michel Bachmann is co-founder of the Hub Zürich and serves as co-director on the management team of the global Hub network. Besides, he is doing a PhD at the University of St.Gallen on social entrepreneurship based on actor-network theory. Michel is passionate about developing new models for social innovation and believes in the power of collaborative action for sustainable impact.

Manuel Zea, Coworking Spain, Madrid (Spain)

Manuel Zea Barral is an architect, founder of 2arquitectos in 2006. In 2007 founded one of the first coworking in Spain: WorkingSpace. In 2010 founded the directory and now is working in link all the spaces and creating a spanish co-community.

Mazen Helmy, The Egypt District project, Cairo (Egypt)

Mazen Helmy was born and raised in Egypt. Graduated from Cairo university with a bachelor degree in civil engineering, minoring in environmental and sanitary projects. He is the initiator of the “District Egypt” project. The District is designed to be an on-ground space in the heart of Cairo for young business owners, (social) entrepreneurs and freelancers where they can meet, work, collaborate and co-create.

Oliver Marlow, Studio Tilt, Co-creation Design (UK)

Oliver Marlow is an interdisciplinary designer. As Head of Design a the Hub, he collaborated on over 20 Hubs all over the world. He has lectured and led co-design workshops all over the world, recently in Sao Paulo and Zurich. A strong interest in social agency and change has led him to use these many forms of expression, each imbued with particular structures and approaches. Believing strongly in the transformative power of art and design he sees the work of TILT as a cumulation of his many practices.

Massimo Carraro, Cowo Network (Italy)

Massimo Carraro is the founder of the Cowo network, the biggest network of coworking spaces in Italy, with more than 50 affiliated. The Cowo network is now expanding beyond Italy, with an affiliated space in Spain.

Catherine Fekrane, TVT Innovation Toulon (France)

Catherine Fekrane is the “prospective numeric & economic intelligence” project Head manager at Toulon Var Technologies (TVT), the public innovation and development agency of the Toulon region, in southern France. TVT is running two innovation incubators. In 2010, the organisatin opened a coworking space within its walls, which is now part of the French La Cantine network. Catherine os also active in the clustering activities of TVT.

Rafael de Ramon, founder & CEO Utopic_us, Madrid (Spain)

Rafael de Ramon is the founder and CEO of utopic_US, a coworking based in Madrid, working a lot with professionals active in creative industries. Rafael de Ramon holds a degree in Business Administration, with a  specializations in international management and  management of cultural beings. Rafael  is a specialist in ideation and management for innovative projects in cultural and creative sector.

Karine Sabatier, La Cantine Rennes (France)

Karine Sabatier is an IT engineer. She works in the web startups’ world since 1997. She held various positions in small and more important companies. In 2010, Karine Sabatier has been appointed as the MD of La Cantine Rennes, in French Britanny. La Cantine numérique Rennes is a member of Le Réseau des Cantines, the largest coworking spaces network in France.

Alberto Bassi, Lab121, Alessandria (Italy)

Alberto Bassi is post graduated at the University of Warwick, his main attitudes are in organization management and skill development.  He is a co-founders of lab121, a non-profit coworking community and shared office that boost connections and work. Lab121 is based in Alessandria, Northwestern Italy.

Ramon Suarez, BetaGroup Coworking, Brussels (Belgium)

Ramon Suarez is the cofounder of the BetaGroup Coworking space in Brussels, which was launched at the first Coworking Europe Conference in November 2010.  The BetaGroup is the largest network of tech entrepreneurs and professionals in Belgium with more than 3500 members. Ramon is also one of the organizers of Startup Weekend Brussels and director of the Founder Institute Brussels.

Campbell McKellar, Founder & CEO Loosecubes (US)

Campbell McKellar is the Founder & CEO of Loosecubes, a global workspace sharing community and resource for today’s workforce. LooseCubes has been founded in 2009, with its HQ is in Brooklyn, New York. Campbell is a graduate of Princeton University and Stanford Graduate School of Business, as well as a former real estate investment banker with Goldman Sachs.

Christoph Giesa, Otto Group (Germany)

Christoph Giesa is a Senior Manager in Corporate HR of the world’s second largest online retailer, the Otto Group (50.000 people, 120 companies all over the world). He used to work as a consultant before he joined the Otto Group and has published two books about changes in society. He initiated a cooperation of his company with the betahaus in Hamburg and is still responsible for the project, that has created high attention for the idea of coworking.

Rebecca Brian, co-founder NextSpace San Francisco (US)

Rebecca Brian began her career as a graphic designer in 2002, forming Tribecca Designs in New York. The San Francisco branch launched six years later, fulfilling her desire to live and work there. NextSpace evolved from an idea for a coworking space for designers into a diverse workspace where Rebecca applies her entrepreneurial expertise to transforming the very nature of work.

Joel Dullroy, Deskwanted (Australia, Berlin)

Joel is a journalist, event organizer and co-founder of, a global portal for collaborative workspace. After working as a journalist for ten years in Australia, Estonia and Germany, Joel joined with Carsten Förtsch to launch Deskwanted. In September 2011 Joel coordinated Social Media Week Berlin, a large public conference about the impact of social media on society, politics and business.

Carsten Foertsch, Deskmag (Germany)

Carsten is editor of and co-founder of With his academic background as social scientist, he is passionate about new trends in urban affairs and the creative labor market, two things which are perfectly combined in the concept of coworking. Instead of just analyzing it, he decided to be a part of it, by encouraging it and putting it on the map through Deskmag and Deskwanted.

Alex Lang – Thilo Utke, Cobot (Germany)

Peter Schreck, Idea Republic (Germany)

Club Office, Sean McSimon, Robert Pfadt (Germany)

Christoph Fahle, BetaHaus (Germany)

Rebecca Brian, NextSpace, San Francisco (US)

Sebastian Olma (Germany)


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