42% of European job seekers would refuse a job without option to work remotely, however hybrid working can also hurt average individual productivity, studies say

“With nearly half of jobseekers willing to turn down opportunities that do not provide hybrid or fully remote working options, employers should ensure they’re evolving their policies to address these needs and comply with new Government guidelines on the right to request remote work”, says a The Stepstone Group study, covering 188 countries.

At the same time, another UK study by the UK Office of National Statistics also shows a drop in productivity especially within the 60% of all London workers who either work on a hybrid model or entirely from home.

Individual productivity evolution has become an important concern within corporates, which could impact the way they deal with their coworking needs. How can coworking operators address it?

The topic will be addressed at the upcoming Coworking Europe 2024 conference in Sofia (Nov 13-14).